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How can I invite a friend for credit?
It’s super easy. Just send them a referral link (find yours above) so they can sign up for the trial before the deadline on June 22nd. It’s not a bad idea to drop them a reminder too so they won’t forget. (We’re all busy, right?)

When do I get the referral credit?
If you invite a friend with your referral link, you’ll both receive credit when your friend decides to upgrade to a paid account.

What can I use my referral credit for?
You can use your credit toward any Tailwind product. That includes any Plus account for Pinterest, Instagram — or even a PowerUp like Tailwind Tribes.

Does my friend need to become a paying member before the deadline on June 22nd?
Nope! As long as you send the invite before the deadline and your friend starts a free trial by end of day on June 22nd, you’ll both still get double credit even if they upgrade to a Plus account after June 22nd.

I’ve never used Tailwind before. Can I still claim a $30 credit?
Yes! If you’re new to Tailwind, you can start your free trial now using this link and receive a $30 credit. That’s two free months of easy posting! 

Once you’re in your dashboard, you can head over to the heart icon in the header, and grab your referral link to share with your friends. Get a $30 when they upgrade, too!

Can I get 2 months free if I've paid for Tailwind in the past?
No, you can't get 2 free months for signing up again. You can definitely earn credit by inviting a friend, though!

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This offer will only work for non-members and members who have never paid for Tailwind in the past.


Claim Your Credit in Two Steps

This offer will only work for non-members and members who have never paid for Tailwind in the past.

Ready to up your game on Pinterest?

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